1. Work with buyers. 
According to the US Census Bureau, the average American will move more than 11 times throughout their life. Assuming an average life expectancy of 78, that means a person is going to move approximately every 7 years. Every buyer you are working with today could and should be a listing in the future. As with everything, it's about helping others and building lifelong relationships, not have clients.
2. Host an Open House. 
Open houses are a great way to invite people who are in need of your services and help. They are also an extra reason to door knock the neighborhood and invite neighbors to build relationships. Whether they need to move, it's always a way to build a network and offer your help and services for future needs. Those relationships, as with any, can turn into opportunities to be their guide when it does come time for them to make real estate moves again.
3. Network with local builders. 
This one is huge and often overlooked. Agents who work for builders are solely allowed to represent the builder. When clients decide to build brand
new, although you can't represent them if they've already visited the builder without you, they often have a home to sell, and a builder's agent isn't able to help with them with that. And if you do a good job and right by their clients, the builder themselves could use you for future listings as well.
4. Stay in touch with your sphere of influence. 
Text or Facebook message them on all holidays, birthdays, and homiverseries. Naturally you should be following up with all past clients, but any extra excuse to reach out is a great way to continue building that relationship, both personally and professionally.
5. Leverage your interests. 
Do you have an activity, special interest, sport, or routine you're invested in? Leverage that and network with people who share your same hobbies. I've regularly seen business generated organically from building relationships through common interests like recreational sports, car clubs, boat clubs, gyms, etc.
6. Use professional vendors for your listings. 
When sellers pick which agents to interview they often look at prior listings to see what the realtor has to offer. Things like professional pictures, drone footage, videos, and good descriptions will help set you apart from other agents. Having good, loyal vendors is also another great relationship to leverage, as it will help you deliver more consistent and reliable service to your clients as well - and of course, they might recommend you to people they know also.
7. Post consistently on social media. 
This means both for personal and business. Make a goal and stick to it - weekly, biweekly, daily, a certain number of videos per month, etc. If your network on social media sees that you are actively working in real estate and having success for your clients, they will be more likely to both use you and refer business to you. It is always important to build relationships and that includes nurturing your pre-existing ones also!
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